Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Top TH8 War Base 2016 - Anti Gowipe, Anti Hog, Anti Dragon

Its time for a new war base design. All war base that is recent layouts I featured here have become quite popular, so they can be conquered by more and more people. I assembled the latest sound base layouts for War Base Layouts, TH8 and Farming Foundation Layouts together.

If you use a base you find on the internet you should make an effort to change it a tiny bit one thing before we start. Here’s a short guide how to do it:

Require note, some bases are reconstructed with a town hall account that was higher, but only the defenses and buildings from Town Hall 8 bases are used.

Town Hall 8 War Base Layouts

In Clan War it’s quite popular that a Town Hall Level that is higher will attack your base. Naturally this really is sometimes frustrating, but this just occurs if another Town Hall 8 player is not able to 3 Star your base – with these th8 base layouts you may give them a headache.

Anti-Dragon TH8 War Base Layout

This Town Hall 8 War Base Design is meant to defend against Dragon assaults. Somehow these attacks are still fairly popular. With the central Air Defenses and the layout making it challenging to funnel Dragons right into the center you'll not see any 3 Star with Dragon attacks on this base.

Town Hall 8 Anti Hog Rider base with Snares TH8 War Base Anti Hog Rider that is cloaked cloaked traps

This War Base attempts to work against multiple attacking set ups – you have the Snare set ups functioning well against Hog Riders, the focused Air Defenses and general set up being good against Dragons and also lots of Springtime Traps against Giant/Healer strikes.

All the Traps are more interior so they ca’t be activated readily in the exterior.

This base is an alternative variant of the second TH8 layout above. Because it makes it hard to funnel GoWiPe strikes into the core I enjoy the general construction.

Town Hall 8 Clan War Base

This base works having an isolated center rather great against most attacks. The assaulting replays I’ve seen demonstrate that many attackers don't get the Town Hall because the troops would preferably go around it.

Town Hall 8 Farming Base Layouts

Below are some foundation layouts I recommend for you, depending what you would like to do. I 've one hardcore Dark Elixir farming layout and two allrounder layouts to shield all resources (as well as possible).

So attackers ca’t go for them specially the idea that is important would be to distribute the Storages. This minimizes the danger that an attacker can take all loot without getting 3 Stars on your base.

It’s all about selecting what you want to defend against. These bases work well, notably the second War Base shown. Take caution to alter the traps a little bit so that they can not be predicted by anybody.